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    I used them for warming up during my most recent tour and found them to be very convenient and useful.”    Peter Erskine                                                    11-20-07



 "Great for Gig Warmups!"

 "Excellent Instant Mallets"

 "So FUN to play they encourage  Practice!"

  Can be used on Handdrums and other percussion instruments for interesting sounds and effects

Non Marring.  Play on any hard surface.

Lightweight... less than 1.3 grams each. 

 Fits most size drumsticks with bead diameters between 11/32" and 11/16". 


Wanted to say I love your product and have recommended it for all of my private students as well as customers who browse the practice pad display on our sales floor.  They have a very realistic feel, work on any hard surface, and fit easily in your pocket or stick bag to travel anywhere.  I use them myself to practice during slow times at work  and to warm up before gigs.  They're simple, affordable, and versatile.  I'm proud to sell this product and I stand behind it 100%  Keep up the good work.” 
Brandon Lorenz Print Music Buyer/Manager Brass Bell Music Milwaukee, WI

"As a drum teacher/performer, I try to occasionally show new products to my
students, so I bought a dozen pairs of Uglytips and figured they'd sit in my
waiting room a few months. The students (and parents) were so excited I sold
out in a week. So, I ordered another dozen and they were quickly scooped up
as well! My students actually show up to lessons with them on their sticks!
The bottom line for me, though, is that the students seem to be practicing
more! That makes sense as they can practice virtually anywhere and
everywhere!" ---Wes Crawford (Goucher College, Shahin & Sepehr)


What really surprised me about "Ugly Tips" is how useful and versatile that they have been to all aspects of my drumming and teaching. My students light up when they see the tips for the first time and they're extremely inexpensive. The novelty and convenience to play virtually anywhere keeps sticks in my students hands and have eliminated the "slap" sound of a practice pad. The effortless rebound when using the tips is very effective when showing a student how a stick should bounce. The one size Ugly Tips fit on every stick that I use including marching sticks. They work great on counter tops, floors, walls, wood, concrete, indoors or outdoors in the heat or cold. I can now warm-up on any surface before walking out on stage and the people
around me also appreciate the extremely low volume of my warm-up. The music that I play calls for cymbal swells and soft mallets on tom-toms. Ugly tips have completely
replaced all of my tympani mallets and accessory sticks. They're easy to put on but have yet to falloff even during hard and fast playing. These things sound great on cymbals, toms, cowbells, tambourines and the list goes on. When I show them to other
instructors they want a dozen right away. Ugly Tips puts the "anywhere practice pad"  and versatility on the tips of your sticks.
Destined to become an essential tool/accessory in every drummers stickbag.
A tip of the hat to B-Rad percussion for this valuable innovation.
Bradley D. Cox Educator/Performer with 33 years of experience.

"They work.."  RhythmWeb                  

"I found the UglyTips™ to be a lot of fun.." 

Another Innovative Product from 

B. Rad Percussion



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